which version of Intelliquilter is preferred?

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I am considering getting Intelliquilter and not sure if I want IQ Classic with the 12" screen or the IQ Classic Lt with the 10' screen.  There is about a thousand dollars difference. Just wondering if there is that much difference or it just a matter of a smaller screen?  The dealership is pushing the larger screen of course. A friend of mine has the smaller screen and seems to be happy with that.  Anybody out there have a preference? 

I am also thinking I may need to get my machine tuned up before attaching the IQ.  I have had it for three years and use it in my garage studio, which gets quite hot when I am out of town for weeks at a time.


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I believe at one time the smaller tablet wasn’t as powerful as the larger one so it didn’t have all the functions.  That shows up in the difference between basic and classic.  It looks like there is a full function small tablet and you can save some money.  I have an older tablet with the full screen and sometimes I wish it was bigger when I am trying to see a pattern in actual size.  As an example we have two IPads one 8 inch and one 10 and the difference is huge between them.  The large one will be easier on the eyes for sure.



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I have the Classic Lt with the 10" screen. It has all the functions of the larger Classic with the smaller screen. I purchased my system 3 years ago when this screen size first became an option and have had no issues with it yet. I think at the time I purchased the smaller tablet did not come from the same supplier (Tablet Kiosk) as the larger tablets  but this may have changed since then. 

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If you can afford the extra $1000 go with the larger tablet.  IQ has tons of capabilities and using a larger tablet will help you visually,  especially with seeing the starts, stops, lines, points, etc.  I saw the tablets side by side at the last class I attended and the size difference made me a believer in the larger tablet.  However, you know what you can afford so go with your gut feeling.

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The Classic LT tablet has the same functions of the 12" tablet.  you have all the same capabilities.  The difference in tablet is screen size and the current tablet, at least the last one I sold, does not have the standard USB port.  The tablets had a Micro 3 usb which required an adapter (provided) in order to use your usb that comes with the tablet for design transfering.  I would check to see if this is the case still on the current LT tablets.


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