Unable to remove broken needle from APQS Machine

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My Brand New Lucey decided to eat the sewing needle!  The machine jammed in the edge of a quilt and the eye of the needle broke off.  When I tried to pry the needle out with pliers, it broke off even further; leaving about 1/4 inch of needle showing below the needle bar.  I tried to remove with pliers and no luck.  I used PV Penetrating Oil twice at night and let set overnight.  Again, I tried to remove with pliers and no luck.  I tried heating the needle to make it contract and still no luck.  I went to the Hardware store and bought some Needle-Nosed Vise Grip Pliers, removed the oil residue with alcohol swabs, turned the pliers counter-clockwise slightly, and the needle stub finally came out!  I have had trouble removing needles before and I think I will put a drop of oil on the new needles before inserting them.  Anyways, I hope no one has to go through what I just went through for the last 4 days!  Yes, I did remove the needle set screw before trying the remedies.


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Something is not right. You should have been able to take the broken needle out  with your fingers after you loosened the screw.  I think Jim Erickson had a similar problem with a new needlebar a few years ago.  It turned out that there was a sliver of metal inside the hole from when the needlebar was tapped for the screws.   Contact APQS and bring it to their attention it really should be a warranty issue.  If Jim notices this post maybe he can walk you through his repair.



Found Jim’s post and sent it to you in private message. 

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Not trying to be mean but you didn't mention loosening the needle set screw before trying to remove the needle?

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