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Hi friends, I’ve tried locally to sell my used Ultimate I but there are several in the area with machines already established.  I’m running into the ‘that’s an old machine’ excuse, but we know it’s a great machine, especially if wanting to upgrade to a computerized quilting setup. Which I do not.  So...  Here’s what I’m selling for $3800.       **I will post to the Machines for Sale Page when I am at a regular computer. For some reason the only place I can get to on my phone today is this one.

Ultimate I (upgraded to I/S Turbo in 2012 but used little due to two shoulder surgeries) with the 14’ frame with older upgraded legs (square tube but newer than the original) that I bought used from APQS,  newer carriage, M&M wheels, new tension assembly, and new hook assembly (I hope that’s the right term!).  Because of my shoulder issues I added some bike handle grips and a cup holder for my supplies on the front handles that I’ll remove yet.  The  ruler base in the pics is one I made and doesn’t go with it but will have the original in place.

We could deliver, DEPENDING on location, for a fee. That can be discussed with an interested party.  PM me here and I’ll get back to you.







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9 hours ago, jimerickson said:

This is a really good buy!  A full featured machine at an entry level price.  Jim

Thank you Jim. This has been my baby, and well taken care of. Before me she was purchased for a drapery business to sew long yardage’s of drape and lining pieces together, but in short order they preferred to do it by sit down industrial and took the Ulti I down. They then stored her for quite a few years at their business. I purchased and, to make sure everything was working perfect I did the maintenance and upgrades as listed in the main post. I’m not sure they were necessary but I wanted to start fresh, so I just went ahead and did them.

For the setup’s age, it really hasn’t been used much. I’d keep but I have no room plus I now have a blissed Freddie that I can so easily use with my crabby shoulders.  I’m sure someone is out there wanting to get an inexpensive start with an outstanding quality machine. Or there surely is someone considering going computerized. My machine can be computerized with the Intelliquilter system so easily and up and going for so much less expense than a new computerized system.  Plus we are willing to deliver depending on the location as stated in the post.  

Thanks again, Jim, for your shoutout.  Hope all is well with you!  Marci

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22 hours ago, dlnewell said:

Is the intellistitch just an add on stitch regulator or is this a computer guided machine.  A friend of mine is wanting to buy a longarm when she retires, but this might be too good of a deal to pass up.

It’s the stitch regulation from same company as Intelliquilter. It’s a high quality system. And the Ultimate I is the mama of the Millie, the same machine without the bells and whistles. So the same quality machine upgraded with I/S.  Thanks for asking!

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