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Undependable stitches going right to left and down to up

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I have a 4 year old Millie.  She is a great machine except that I cannot rely on getting good quality stitches going right to left or going up.  Is there anyway to avoid this?   It is so consistent in giving me inconsistent quality stitches that I do all I can to avoid stitching in those directions.  But, I don't seem to have these problems with pantographs.  Isn't that weird?  

I keep thinking it is something I am doing wrong.  Hope you have some help for me.


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I know it's been a few months since Mona posted this question -- hopefully she has it worked out by now but I wanted to chime in for others who may be facing the same issue.  Yes, the tension problems that only happen when you quilt from East to West and South to North (viewed from needle side of the machine) indicate needle flex, but if Mona's problem was due to her timing being off, she would see the problem on all of her quilts -- she says she doesn't have this problem when quilting pantographs.  So I'm wondering what is different when she follows pantographs.  It's possible that she moves the machine slower for a pantograph in order to stay on the lines better and she's moving her machine a lot faster when she quilts freehand from the front.  I would suggest that she try slowing down, shortening her stitch length slightly, and/or using a larger needle before messing with her timing.

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Well, I have worked through all the suggestions, from APQS tech support on this issue that I am having with my Lucey, that I never had with my Lenni and it still is not resolved.  In fact I am so frustrated with skipping stitches and random nests and thread getting shredded and not being able to stitch 4 inches from right to left without an issue I'm ready to throw in the towel.  I watched the timing video today and my husband and I went through checking all of that.  The only thing that looked out of whack was the stop finger being a bit too close to the basket, so adjusted that.  Seemed to be better, but now we are back to square one.  I believe I have a lemon. I should have kept my Lenni.  I have had Lucey less than a year and had more trouble than it's worth.  Kinda sucks the joy out of quilting.  Guess I'll call tech support again tomorrow. 

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