2006 Millenium and IQ for sale In West Central Georgia

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*** This is now sold.  Thanks for your interest.  ******   I'm selling my 2006 Millenium with a 12 foot table and IQ as I'm moving to Florida and won't have room any longer.  I bought the Millie in 2010 from someone who mostly quilted for herself and I have done that as well, so it hasn't been used heavily like in a full time business.  I added the IQ in 2012.  The table has a motorized advance on the take up roller.  The table has not been upgraded to Bliss; however I added the M&M wheels.  I have many size L prewound and aluminum bobbins, a TOWA bobbin gauge, extended base, laser mount for needle positioning, an assortment of spare parts.  The thread cutter has been disconnected as it jammed and I never used it so that was a quick fix for me; I'm told it can be easily made useable.  The onboard bobbin winder was disconnected to make room for the laser mount by the needle, but there is a separate bobbin winder.  I also have Velcro-on vertical and horizontal spool holders and a goose neck light for highlighting exactly where desired.

The IQ is an i400 series with a 12" diagonal touchscreen; full system with panto, block, and custom design capabilities; and recently installed new motor lifts.  The IQ comes with many designs, an instruction book, laptop-type case, laser pointer for remote marking, and an extra power cord for design use off the machine.  The IQ website has extensive online help in the form of videos, a Q&A database, step-by-step instructions for various projects, and an active Yahoo user group.  Best of all are the free lifetime software updates. 

I'm asking $13,500 for the setup.  It will need to be picked up.  I can disassemble or help with disassembly.  I live in Columbus, GA.  Photos available on request.

Christine Piepmeier

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