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I need some advice on pricing.  My friend would like me to quilt a denim patchwork quilt. Very simple design just large squares with flannel backing. She just wants an “X” placed in each square. I have had my machine for a little over a year and only quilted on typical cotton quilting fabric for myself and some family gifts. Would I price  this as an overall design? How much per square inch is typical forsomeone starting out?  I will need to use a ruler for it to look right so does that make it a different pricing level? She sells other items pretty successfully at several venues. I believe if this goes well, she will want me to do more of them.  I don’t know how much to charge or where to start. I don’t want to over or under charge. Any suggestion are appreciated. Last question.  Suggestions on batting or should I not use batting for this project would be helpful too.  Thank you

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I do not quilt as a business so cannot help with the pricing aspect but I do have a caution on a project that would require lots of stitches through bulky denim seams.  Perhaps it would be okay but I would hate to risk my  longarm machine , its needles and timing for such a project.  If you use a ruler, it is time consuming and doing an X would require stitching on the joins where it is the thickest.  You have invested time and money into your set up and I would not risk it if it was me.  Perhaps someone who has done denim quilts could chime in, but I have not.

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