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Holes from requilting. HELP!

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 A customer wanted me to quilt a reversible quilt.  The top and bottom are pieced exactly the same but with different batik  fabrics.  I added temporary fabric on all sides of one to treat it like a backing and tried my best to keep them lined up as I quilted.  after I finished quilting it I discovered the back tension was no good.  I took out all the stitching and requilted but there are holes from the original quilting.  Any idea how to make the holes less conspicuous?

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My favorite tip on this is one I came up with myself.  Buy one of those cheapie electric toothbrushes from the Dollar Store, preferably with soft bristles.  Dip it in a glass of water, shake off the excess, and then turn the brush on and gently brush your quilt with it.  That electric sonic motion is pretty effective in closing up the holes.

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