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SOLD APQS Millennium with Butler Quilt EZ Robotics $13,75


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Waterman, IL

I am the second owner of this 2005 lightly used machine. The machine was used for about 6 months for personal use then stored for 6 years after a divorce. I bought it used and have only quilted about 4 or 5 quilts a year with it. Included is the Butler Quilt EZ system for robotic quilting. The machine is currently set up and ready for testing. I also have videos of the Butler running on 4 different quilts, and videos of 3 of my granddaughters (ages 7 -17) using the machine to quilt their own quilts. If you purchase the machine we will take it down and have it ready for pick up.

This machine is located in Illinois 60 miles west of Chicago with easy access to our house from Rt. 88, Rt. 39, and Interstate 80.

Features include:
M&M wheels installed new when I bought the machine
Butler Quilt EZ Robotic System with the latest software upgrade installed12 foot table 
Power fabric advance
Stitch Regulator
Thread cutter
Laser light for pantographs
Hartley Base Extender for ruler work
Black light
On board bobbin winder, uses L bobbins 
Electronic Horizontal and Vertical Channel locks
Front and Rear adjustable control handles
Original box for the machine head









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When I purchased the machine I was told it was stored but didn't ask where. All I know is that this machine is amazing which is the reason I bought another one. As I've posted numerous times on Facebook - long before I bought the new/used one - it will take any thread from cotton to poly with no tension problems. I would like $8.500 for the machine without the Butler. It is still set up and ready for anyone to try it out.

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