HQ 16 with Pro-Stitcher

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HQ 16 with the Pro-Stitcher. It has the stitch regulator, ruler base, Micro handles, rear handles and laser light, bobbin winder, low stitch count (1,234,178),   The frame can be set up in 10 or 12 ft.  The Pro-stitcher has the lastest update, asking $9,000. Located in Ohio. Willing to ship but shipping costs not included.

The Machine is a 2008, purchased in 2009. The professional studio frame was updated with flex track in 2014 with 5 poles. Everything works great. I purchased this machine in anticipation of retirement and now with the arrival of several grandchildren and my mother ill, I don’t have much time for quilting. It is a great machine, I hate to see it sit.










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