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My friend has an Ultimate !! machine, and it seems to work great except when he tries to work on a t-shirt quilt,  For some reason

it starts skipping stitches a lot and can not quilt without skipping.

We have tried different needles, thread, and lots of things, but it isn't just the areas of the t-shirts that have more texture to them.

I was wondering if raising the foot would be of any help.  It doesn't seem to drag or anything, but just trying to troubleshoot anything that would be helpful.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.  Jeanne

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Jeanne:  I think the problem is with the stabilizer used to stiffen the jersey fabric.  Try the largest needle you have (5.0 maybe).  If this doesn't take care of the problem, the timing will probably need adjusting.  There my guess would be that either the needle bar isn't set deep enough so a large thread loop isn't being made, or that the hook is meeting the meeting the needle too far down in the scarf so that any fabric tension on the thread is keeping the loop from properly forming.  Jim

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