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Changing 2013 Millennium from Smart Bobbin to M Bobbin?

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I recently purchased a 2013 Millennium equipped with the L size Smart Bobbin.  I'm getting frustrated by how quickly those little bobbins run out -- probably I'm spoiled because my domestic sewing machine for piecing (and what I used for machine quilting prior to getting my longarm) is a Bernina with a giant bobbin that holds twice as much thread as my Millie's bobbin can hold.  I have seen some posts on this forum from several years ago indicating that it's possible to order a kit from APQS to switch from one hook system to the other, and I'd like to know more about that option.  I emailed APQS support several days ago but have not heard anything back.

Has anyone on this forum regretted ordering a machine with the M bobbin?  If you have the M bobbin configuration on your APQS machine, how do you like it?  Any issues?  Any regrets?  Anyone out there switched their machine from Smart Bobbin to M bobbin?   How much did it cost, was it difficult to do, and are you happy you did it?  Also wondering what's involved in adjusting the industrial bobbin winder that came with my Millie to wind M bobbins rather than L.



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Rebecca:  I converted my Ult 2 to M bobbin way back in 2010.  At the time APQS wasn't even offering an M bobbin option.  I had to source all my own parts, and figure out the conversion by my self.  It wasn't difficult to do, it just took me a while to get everything right.  Now with parts from APQS, the conversion shouldn't be much more difficult than changing the hook on your machine, and adjusting the needle bar height.  If you can handle those two tasks, you can do the conversion.  Jim

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