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Thinking about changing machines

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I have a Gammill Classic+, with an IQ. I have considered selling it and buying a Millie, for a couple of the APQS features. One is that Gammill did not make a fabric advance and also, it would be easier to be able to be able to

 raise the table height, if necessary. Has anyone on this forum done this, and if so, was it worth it?


Thank you,



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Hi Hester:


We are probably moving from the Dallas area to East Texas. I just got a surprise when the local Gammill dealer told me they would charge $900 to move mine... It would be easier to sell mine, buy a Millie and then have it delivered to our new place. I could hardly believe it, but Gammill is still afraid of IQ being mounted on the table.




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Demo Millie with Deluxe Table

Discounts include:

  • Discount: $1,500 cash off
  • Free Quilt Glide - $1,250 value
  • Free Motorized Fabric Advance - $1,350 value

Comes with:

  • Table Options: 10 ft., 12 ft. or 14 ft.
  • Lifetime warranty

Total Machine Value: $21,500; Sale Price is $17,400


This is a great deal and you can add Quilt Path or possible move the IQ from the Gammill to the Millie..

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