Must sell my George :-(

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I am sadly parting with my beloved George :-(  I bought him on April 2, 2014 for $6,352.85.)  I just LOVE him!!!   So why am I selling him?   I'm 71 years old and have developed arthritis in my shoulders..... oh poop!  So yesterday I ordered the APQS Lenni, which is George in a long arm frame.  My George is in excellent condition and I have lovingly maintained him.  He sews like a dream!!!!

I purchased George for $6,352.85.  I am selling him for $5,000. I bought George from my APQS dealer, Angela Hugli Clark of "Thread Waggle Quilting", Raleigh, North Carolina.  Tele: 919-576-9897. Angela will be glad to speak with you and come to my home to inspect my George to verify his condition.

Norma Murphy (Olympia is my grandmother's name, I used it on this site because there were so many Norma's :-) 

George 1.jpg

George 2.jpg

George 3.jpg

George 4.jpg

George 5.jpg

George 6.jpg

George 7.jpg

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Congratulations on selling your George!

You can edit the title on your original post to put "SOLD" first, so you won't keep getting inquiries.

Enjoy your new machine!


quilting with Emmeline, a 2011 Freedom SR

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