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Martha Campbell Pullen and others - Quilting Books Available

Shirley Requard

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IMG_6844.JPG.04c569ca8da12023b1a48d0d11dc97f0.JPGIncluded are: "Martha's Attic" (hardbound) *Autographed. Asking $25.00; "Sewing Inspirations from Yesteryear" (original price $24.00) *Autographed; "Fabulous Fashions" *Autographed; "Lovely Lingerie" *Autographed; "Six Easy Patterns" *Autographed; "Beautiful Vests and All the Rest" (original price $24.00) *Autographed; "Madiera Appliqué by Machine Plus Heirloom Sewing from A to Z" *Autographed; "The Princess Collection" (original price $19.95) *Autographed; "Making Memories" *Autographed; "The Joy of Smocking" (original price $13.99); "Martha's Sewing Room: Home Decorating and Crafts". The majority of these have been personally autographed by Martha. All books except the hardbound, first pic, are $15.00 plus media shipping.

Margaret Boyles: "Pinafore Bibs"; "Picture Smocking with Ellen McCarn" (original price $11.00); " Ellen McCarn on English Smocking" (original price $11.95); "Beautiful Smoking Designs - 14 Fabulous Projects"; 'The Children's Corner 'Dolly's Wardrobe' by Lezette Thomason" (original price $17.00); "Fancywork and Fashion's 'Best Smocking Designs for Dolls'" by Joan Hinds and Jean Becker (original price $13.49 each: 2 copies available); "Your Step-by-Step Guide to Smocking" with Judith Adams; "Classic Smocking - The Cheryl Lohmann Collection." All books are $8.00 plus media shipping.

I learned from my original post that there's NO interest in Quilting Pattern books, but I thought that maybe these might interest someone. If not, I'll look elsewhere. Thanks for looking!








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Please, can we just use EMAIL??? This darned system on this Forum is for the BIRDS, as it never recognizes the same PASSWORD TWICE and keeps asking me to change my password. Subsequently, it disavows any knowledge that that password is VALID! Sheesh!  And the email associated with the PayPal account isn't being recognized, either.....

Mine is:  horsround@me.com

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