Must Sell My George Price Reduced

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APQS Dealer Extraordinaire Angela Clark and her brilliant husband Matt set up my Lenni on Sunday. I must admit I am on a real learning curve with Lenni.  Yes, he's a wonderful long arm, but I have been sooooo spoiled with George for the last 4 years! I am sure with time and lots of practice I'll be able to transfer my George skills to Lenni :-)

I am reducing the price of George to $4,500, because I want him to go to a good home and it's breaking my heart seeing him sitting there not being used :-(  My fault, way too much propagating, rototilling and manure hauling in my 40 yr old flower garden, that is just killing my shoulders, but I do LOVE flowers. 

This is what I am including in my George Sale:

George Complete Quilting System with Standard Table

APQS Bobbin Winder (This is the bobbin winder that came with my new APQS Lenni.  George originally came with a plastic bobbin winder, didn't like it.)

(3) Feet (I am including the $80 platform/ruler foot I purchased for George, since I ordered Lenni with one.)

Hartley Horizontal Spool Holder

(10) Aluminum Bobbin “L” Style

Schmetz Size 14 needles (2-10 pks of 10) plus 8 more = 208 needles

Oil and Oiling Container (New, came with Lenni)

All original documentation, receipts and instructions included.  I had the original DVD Manual printed and spiral bound, made it easier :-)

Plus all extras shown in the photos.

George for Sale 1.jpg

George for Sale 2.jpg

George for Sale 3.jpg

George for Sale 4.jpg

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