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leader grippers

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I have an APQS Freedom and I am interested in getting the Leader Grippers by Regina's Quilting Studio.  Does anyone here use those?  Do you like them?  Anyone have recommendations where to buy them?  Is there any APQS Dealers on here that sell them?  I am located in Minnesota.  Anyone know the cost?  I looked on a website but it said for 11' leaders and I have a 12' table so are my leaders 11'?  I am confused.   And when it says the set, is that for only one roller?  I want for 3 rollers so do I really need to buy 3 sets?  Not sure I want to invest that much $ into it.  I need some help so I can find where to order them and what exactly I need to order and what the cost will be.  

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I have the leader grip system. When I purchased mine, at quiltedjoy.com, the packages listed whether it was for two rails or three rails. I purchased for two rails because I knew I was going to float most of my tops. Yes, your leaders are shorter than your table so 11' is probably correct for a 12' table.  I use the leader grip side grips too. I love my system. You need to allow a little extra fabric at the top and bottom with this system but it is so worth it to not be sticking myself on those pins!  It is much quicker to load with leadergrips too. Check out quiltedjoy.com for pricing. It's been a couple of years and I don't remember the price. 

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I used to use the leader grips and I still think they are great. But I have switched to zippers and find them to be even easier to use. It is easier on my back to sit at a table and pin to the zipper than to lean over my machine. snapping on the grips. But that strictly has to do with my back issues. Having used both,  would have to say that the grips are faster but folks with hand or back issues may find them a bit trying. The zippers take a bit longer to pin in place but very easy on the back and hands. So you have to weigh the pros and cons.

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