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If the price wasn't decided when dropped off and edge to edge wasn't what was decided also and this person knows that you did custom quilting then I would charge accordingly to what you have for custom quilting.  I have charged .025 per square inch and a set thread charge and if I ironed and clipped thread that too is charged.  But most importantly what is your work and time worth to you??  This is beautifully done. well worth more than .05 per inch!  Good luck


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Well I am just questioning my price on this but it was agreed and paid for since then. Second guessing my worth and skill. However the customer has not returned and seems to be unhappy about something.  It wouldn’t be so bad but I see her twice a month in a group setting. She always is cordial but not caring to talk. She found a different quilter for her projects and makes sure everyone knows who quilted them. I really don’t care if she is a returning customer but don’t want to have a bad report about my service. Should I let it go or press the subject with her?

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Let it go. If you quilted what was requested in the price range you quoted, then you did nothing wrong. (Lovely quilting, by the way)  There could be a boatload of reasons that she has moved on to another quilter; the most likely being that she wants custom quilting for pantograph pricing. 

Your business plan should not include financing others hobbies.

Do not underestimate or undervalue your worth or skills!

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