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I originally had a 2005 Millie and table. In 2008, APQS came out with a new light and a better location for their on/off switch. I upgraded my head and kept my 2005 table. I don't know about the newest machines, but I assume the head would fit on any table. My system is not blissed as I am computerized and don't do any free-motion quilting and decided I didn't need to spend the money to get the bliss rails. I still have my 2005 table and my 2008 Millie head.

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How old is your Millie? Chances are Yes, you can upgrade the head and keep the old table, but new heads require either 1) a new carriage to mount the new head on or 2) different axles installed on the bottom of the new head to fit your current carriage. Call the APQS office and speak with the staff there. They can help you get what you need. 

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I have a 2007 Millie which I added an after market LED lighting and upgraded to Bliss several years ago. Never regretted that move even with the added expense of old vs. new. My machine is old and had it's first spa treatment last year and is running great.  A couple of years ago added Intelliquilter computer. Love that addition also.

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