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Cindy:  Did you follow up on Nigel's video recommendation?  If not, do so.  The best way I've found to help "index" the beginning of a tension adjustment is to start by tightening up the top tension until it pulls the bottom thread to the top on every stitch.  Then begin loosening it until you get a balanced stitch.  Really loose top tension can make it look like something else is a problem.  It can also lead to "birds nests" and broken thread.  Good luck.  Jim 

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I have cleaned, changed needle, rethread with a different thread, changed the bobbin. The stitches are much better, but I still am getting some bird nests on the back occasionally. We have been without internet for a until late yesterday so I haven't had a chance to watch the video. That I plan to do this weekend. I appreciate your help. Thanks!


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