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George top thread catches stitching away from me

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I am free motion quilting a Log Cabin with Bottom Line on the top and in the bobbin, size 16 APQS needle, 80/20 batting The thread  "catches" about 6 " or so up from the beginning of the outer vertical log when moving the quilt towards me.  Almost always about the same place.  There will be a bit of top thread that has pulled to the back, looped and knotted.  It has not broken .  The tension and stitching seems fine on  the rest of the quilt.   I have rethreaded, new needle, different bobbin, etc. (I have quilted other large quilts with same threads and needle size and batting and am not new to free motion).   I am focusing on matching the machine speed and quilt movement in case that is the problem.  This is a new problem for me.  

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