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Hello out there !

I am probably saying this twice - very stunned on computors. Can anyone tell me if the compu-quilter is as easy to use as they are telling me ? I am trading my Freedom in for one but not being a computer whiz, I am nervous since I love my Freedom. Hope I am not making a mistake. I have no problem using my embroidery machine but I think the size of the compu-quilter scares me. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks . Linda:mad:;):):o:o

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Yes, the CompuQuilter is very easy to use. The program is very easy to understand and with a little practice, you'll have no problem.

Digitizing. on the other hand, is more difficult but there are more and more people digitizing and selling wonderful designs everyday. You don't need to learn to digitize in order to use the CQ.

You'll love the CompuQuilter:)

Sue in Phoenix, AZ
Millennium with IntelliQuilter

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Hi Linda,

I'm not sure why you are getting rid of the Freedom. I am understanding you have a Freedom Longarm. If so the Compuquilter is simply the computerized system that can be added to your longarm. It is fun to use and has lots of wonderful features. I have CQ and love it. I also love digitizing with Autosketch that comes with your purchased CQ system.

CQ is just the computer and software/hardware to add to your longarm. Nothing to be afraid of. There are many new designs and designers coming out and if you want to digitize your own patterns Autosketch is the best way in my opinion. Once I had the right training I took off with it and I'm still enjoying it.

Good luck to you. you can read more about compuquilter at

Keep your APQS Freedom unless you just want a newer model.

Tammie Baggett

aka Grammie Tammie

926 Stephens Dr

Westcliffe, Colorado 81252


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Hi Linda

I love my CQ and its very easy to use. The dealer who sets up your machine will train you over 3 days and leave you with a very comprehensive manual for you to read and do the lessons over.

Its a simple to use system with very sophisticated possibilities. I love it because its visual - no need to have been a whizz at maths at school or to know your computer inside out. Just follow the instructions on the screen to see what to do next.

Stan is continually updating the software free of charge so we are always getting new features to make our quilting quicker and more flexible. He has some features not on other brands of computer quilting system such as the corner template, boundaries for placing designs inside any pieced shape and bringing up the exact shape of the piecing to "SEE" how it will look rather than guessing. He has another visual feature called "arrays" where you can make a motif quilt into a border repeatedly with one click of the mouse and can turn a motif into an array which is great for medallion quilts, block and other pieced shapes.

I have a new Freedom and just love it. I don't have CQ on it just on my Milli but it would work just as well on either machine.

Have fun with you new CQ and join the CQ lists that are now available for more tips and information.

Best wishes

sue in Australia

sue in australia

APQS Australia

CQ Australia

613 9769 0248

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