Husqvarna Viking Mega Quilter 18x8

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I  bought a used Husqvarna/Viking Mega Quilter 18x8 with the ram's head control arms and stitch regulator from a private party.  I think this was also called the Tin Lizzie Apprentice and is the Eclipse controller.  I can't find a manual for the controller and am having trouble making it work correctly. I have a manual for the machine itself, although it says it is for a Pfaff Grand Quilter. Do you know where I can get a manual or some help? I called Husqvarna Viking and they said it was too old and they can't help me! The whole thing is on a Grace frame.

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I typed into my google search "Husqvarna/Viking Mega Quilter Manual" and several sites came up.  Ebay and Amazon was a couple of them, but I also seen a PDF Download you could check out.  I think if you just did a search of whatever you needed you might fine something you could use.

Good Luck,


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