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Allison S.

Which side start quilting on?

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Hi :)
When facing the front of my machine (the panto side is the back) the motor is on the right hand side.  
I learned to quilt starting at the motor end, so when I'm on the back of the machine doing pantos the motor is on my left and I go from left to right.

When I'm on the front of my machine the motor is on my right, so I should then go from right to left. My brain doesn't want to work that

way. It wants to work from left to right.  Can the motor be placed on either side, or can I work from left to right when I'm on the front?

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I don't think you have to start at the motor end (assuming you mean the quilt advance motor).  I start wherever works best for the design.

Gail Olfert

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