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I have a Qnique14+ machine and was quilting along when suddenly the needle came out and the machine suddenly stopped. Now the wheel won't turn and the buttons don't move the needle up or down. I took the needle plate off expecting to find the bottom end of the broken needle,  but don't see it. Any suggestions? 

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Remove the bobbin, get a flashlight and rotate the flywheel by hand and have a good look at the hook assembly.  Sometimes the piece get stuck in there but most times it is either in the quilt or on the floor.  My experience anyway.  If you can’t find it  you will the next time you walk barefoot in your studio.  Most times breaking a needle is no big deal install a new one and carry on.  Some people have had to reset the needle bar height (timing) but mine always stitched fine after I broke a needle.  It is possible to put a nick in the hook assembly as well  and that will cause thread breaks and shredding.  Don’t worry about the possibilities install a new needle and see what happens. 



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