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Looking for a software program to help me keep track of items.  I looked at this, but there are no current reviews, the website seems a little dated.  Is there a better program out there?  I can use excel, but takes time and this looks pretty slick.  Just worried about the age.  Any thoughts would be appreciated.



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It depends on what you want it for. I don't use it for my bookkeeping, and I gave up on using it for invoicing as it just didn't allow me to tweak the invoices the way I wanted. But I love it as a database to keep track of all my customers, their quilts, my threads and designs etc. I find it easier to use than making up my own spreadsheet and would purchase it again.

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Gail, which version of Quickbooks are you using for your inventory?  Looking at the Quickbooks web site today, it looks like you only get inventory tracking capability with the $70/month subscription based version.  The desktop version of Quickbooks seems much more affordable with a one-time purchase of $299, but Inventory is not listed in the available features with that option.

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