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I’m trying to do fill-in 1/4” straight lines using a ruler with a ruler base in stitch regulated mode. Retracing design to get to spot to begin straight line is a fight with my machine.  Stitches are unpredictable and I’m not able to retrace my previous stitch line.  I have no problem doing bump back feathers or retracing anything else.  I tried taking off stitch regulated mode and the stitches are smaller and tighter.  Help?  Using glide bobbin, so fine top and have a Freddie.

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Do you have the true 1/4" hopping foot?  If it's the old style, they are not a true 1/4" all the way around. 

Make sure that you are holding the ruler gently - as a guide.  If you are pressing down on the fabric or against the hopping foot too hard, it will pull at the fabric and skew your lines.

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