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I have a friend who is contemplating purchase of an older APQS machine but the table is just too long (14ft).   I thought I read a thread on the forum about how to shorten a table however I have been unable to find it.   If this can be done, could someone either point me to the forum topic or provide some additional information on how to do this.  I've tried a few searches with way too many results to wade through - none what I wanted.    Thanks.

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Mercedes:  I don't think there has been any actual instructions on how do do it.   What you'd need to do is go to a local welder/fabricator, explain what you want done, and let them do it.  It would involve cutting the rollers to the proper length and re-welding them, cutting the table rails, and the top itself, drilling any new holes necessary to reassemble it.  Not too big a job.  Jim 

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