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23 minutes ago, Kueser said:

Not familiar with this machine but I think you need stitch regulator with any computerized system. I know there are time my IQ tells me it need to be regulated.

The IQ does the stitch regulation. You set the stitch speed/length. I have a Millie and I have to be sure my stitch regulator is turned off - machine is not beeping. Kueser, I think you are referring to the IQ asking you to set the speed when you first start the sewing process.

ORNurse56, I would think that most computerized systems would take care of the stitch regulation, but it would be best to check with the company that manufactures the computer system that you are interested in.

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ORN:  I think the machine must be set up for needle up/needle down, and single stitch in order for the robot to work.  I don't know whether the Discovery had the type motor necessary for that, but it's predecessor the Ult 2 didn't.  I think Nigel might know because he had an Intelliquilter installed on his Ult 1.  I remember him saying that he didn't need to have the intellistitch up grade for the machine, but he did it anyway.   Maybe he'll chime in.  Jim

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Jim is right that the IQ requires needle positioning.  My Ultimate 1 had it but it was an option.  The Discovery was a later machine but I don’t know if it included or still an option.  If your machine stops with the needle in the same position every time then you have it.  To the best of my knowledge there are two aftermarket stitch regulator option available.  Perfect Stitch and Intellistitch and each are affiliated with a robotic system.



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ORN:  I think Nolting will install an Intellistitch regulator on a Discovery, if that's what you're trying to get.  They are expensive, the one on my Ult 2 cost me $3200 back in 2011.  If you're just wanting a robotic machine, then if this Discovery has needle positioner, it would be a good candidate.  If on the other hand you want a stitch regulated machine for hand guided quilting, you're probably better off looking for a machine that is already regulated, unless you can buy the Discovery really cheap.  Jim

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