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I am selling my George that I purchased 11/2014. He is in excellent condition and has only been used for my personal quilting. This George has the “L” bobbin case.  Asking $4000.00  Included with the sale are over a $1000.00 in extras plus shipping :

  • Accessory open and closed Ruler foot ( new version for a true 1/4” made in 2017), and regular open toe foot
  • extra bobbin casing
  • 4 Martelli Hoops
  • Heavy duty bobbin winder and Simplicity bobbin winder (if you desire)
  • extra aluminum bobbins
  • TOWA gauge
  • Glide magnetic prewound bobbins in many colors (L bobbin)
  • Superior prewound SuperBobs (L bobbin)
  • Table
  • Shipping to lower 48 Continental USA only
  • Pups not included :)


I live in Florida in the 34285 zip code if you would prefer to pick up we can deduct the cost of shipping. I have original box that my George came in, but no packing for the table which is collapsible.I will arrange shipping via Freight and have table and extra goodies packed as well.

Please message me or call me at 941-716-2437 if you have any questions. If I don’t answer leave me a message and I will return your call.








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Im looking for a George APQS machine.  I was considering buying a new one from my local APQS dealer, but I saw your post and am interested in your George, but have some questions:

  • I live in Raleigh, NC and it would be difficult for me to drive to Venice, FL.  Does the $4,000 price include shipping?
  • Will it be difficult to set up by myself (I have no experience) or would you recommend I have it set up by a professional?
  • I test drove a George once in my local APQS shop, but do not have any other experience.  Is it fairly simple to learn how to use the George having no real prior experience?

I know it may be difficult for you to answer my questions, but any information you can provide to help me in my decision, will be appreciated.

Thank you in advance!

Cindy Pericak

To call or text me:  919-622-4475

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Hi Cindy,

Yes the $4000.00 includes Shipping.  It would  be shipped freight and they deliver to your driveway/ garage. This is the same way that I received my George when I purchased him directly from APQS. As far as set up, there isn’t much to it. I didn’t have a local dealer that had a George ( purchased at Houston show) so my husband and I unpacked him and had him all settled in less then an hour.  ( I have the manual printed for easy reference and will include that along with the disk )George is one of the simplest machines on the market. Only one tension knob for your upper tension and the usual bobbin tension adjustment. Included is the L size TOWA guage for checking your bobbin tension. I would be happy to speak with you if you have any concerns and give you a few pointers that I feel helped me transition from my domestic to a sit down longarm. The only reason I am selling George is because I purchased a stand up longarm. 

Thanks for your inquiry. I included my phone# in the post. I probably won’t answer at first bc of not recognizing your phone #( telemarketers) but if you leave me a message I will call you back as soon as I can. 


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