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Thank You!

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I just wanted to send a big thank you to everyone on this forum who takes the time to post answers to questions.  I'm guilty of not posting very often.  When I'm having issues with my Millie I know I can search this forum and get great answers. 

I send out a challenge to everyone to try and post once a week and get our forum content back to where it used to be.  Anyone else accept the challenge?


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Agree.....I have been quiet as I have been undergoing chemo and surgery for pancreatic cancer.  Keeping my fingers crossed as my last scan did not show any cancer and when they did the surgery the margins were clear and no lymph nodes involved...but pancreatic is a tough one...and my odds are somewhere around 1 in 5.....but I did manage to complete my 6 flimsies' I had ready when I got my diagnosis and I pieced 7 more lap sized flannel quilts out of my flannel scraps and got them quilted and given to family....I do have a Lucey concern....when moving across the quilt and coming towards me.  My Lucey sometimes whines and growls...it is a louder higher pitched sound and then goes back to normal when I move away....I have only done about 48 quilts on her but she was a demo.....and she also vibrates a bit until she warms up.....any thoughts?  Stitching is fine.....

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