Lenni problem.

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I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Lenni. It's a fabulous machine.  I only have one small consistent problem. I can't quilt Right to Left horizontally without shredding my thread.  I have absolutely no problem FM quilting in every direction.  This only occurs horizontally and Right to Left.  I'm using wonderful superior thread.  I've tried all different kinds of thread, the problem persists.  Now this is no big deal, because I solve the problem by always quilting Left to Right horizontally.  I'm just wondering why this occurs.

I'm having soooooooooooo much fun making Springtime quilts for the wee ones at the hospital.

Thanks for any help you can give me.


Springtime Lambs.jpg

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HI,  I don't know much.....but I also have problems on my Lucey when going in a straight line from right to left....I think it has something to do with the spin of the bobbin....can't be helped...so I just move back to the left and go left to right while doing the straight line quilting....some folks have said that turning the hole to 6:35 instead of the 6:30 position can sometimes help....I am not that good at getting my needle in straight as it is....also as it is shredding...maybe a bit larger needle might help...I dunno for sure...lin

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Thank you, dbams :-)

Sewingpup, I greatly appreciate your comments.  So you have the same problem with your Lucey, very  interesting.  I have tried the 6:30 position, with no effect affect. Really appreciate you taking the time to reply.  Happy Left to Right Quilting!!!! 


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Have you checked your thread guides and needle plate for burrs or worn spots?  Just flip the thread guides around, so that the thread is not constantly running in the same spot.  If the needle plate has any nicks, just buff smooth with an emery cloth.

Beautiful quilt!

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Olympia:  Exactly which Superior thread are you using?  They make a lot, and some work on a long arms better than others.

Your machine will never sew as well from right to left as it will from left to right.  Same thing front to back.  It's because of the rotary bobbin system our machines use.  That lockstitch system was intended for back to front sewing with feed dogs.  This makes timing and all hook adjustments critical for these machines.

As for shredded thread goes.  If you don't find a burr somewhere, it may be the "depth" adjustment on the bobbin basket retaining "finger".  Adjust it as far out as you can, and still have it retain the bobbin basket.  Your thread may be catching on the end of it as it passes through the gap while making the loop.  Sewing different directions changes the position of the thread in that gap, and that accounts for the different directional tension and stitch quality we all have to live with.  Good luck.  Jim

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