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I do not own one but received the email about them being on clearance so I inquired about buying one.. They are only available with the L bobbin,, no one would answer if they come with rear handles or anything other than the info in the email about sample thread and 1 pack of needles ect ..and its $400 shipping + sales tax to where they shipped. The L bobbin killed the idea for me ,  almost every quilting problem I ever had was tension problems,, mostly after a bobbin change,, changing the bobbin twice as often means twice the chance of problems

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Sharpshooter, yes the Larry comes with rear handles and a laser light, so it is set up for pantograph quilting.  Honestly, the L bobbin is extremely easy to use, that is all I have on my machines for the past 14 yrs.  I stayed with L when the M option came out.  our machines are very easy to get tension set.  It is just a matter of knowing which to adjust, needle tension or bobbin tension, based on what is happening with your thread.

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