Machine gets hung up move during ruler work

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I have a 2016 Millie and when I'm doing ruler work the machine heads "gets stuck" while moving it across the ruler.  I make sure I'm not holding the ruler too tight or pressing it down on the bed of my machine too hard.  When I stop for a few seconds and try again sometimes it goes and sometimes it skews the line away or into the ruler as I'm fighting to keep it straight.  Thought one of the screws on my needle plate was catching on the ruler so had my husband grind it down but still having the problem.  Have checked to make sure the ruler table isn't hitting the belly or leveler bar and they are both high enough the ruler table slides under them.  Help! 

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Curious if you ever found the cause. I am currently working on a quilt and having this exact problem!  I do have a ruler base on the machine but going in a straight line I get ‘hiccups’ and just as you describe, it’s a fight to keep it straight. I feel like I’ve checked everything and still can’t figure out why the machine is doing this. 

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