**SOLD**PANTOGRAPHS - Lot of 18 NIP $180 includes flat rate shipping (USA)!

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Lot of 18 Pantos, New in packaging, $180.

INCLUDES flat rate shipping to anywhere in the USA.

Paypal payment due within 24 hours of receiving the invoice.


All packaged up and ready to go!


Golden Threads:

Ivy Garden 12.5" repeat

Birdseye 9.5" rows

Harmony 8" rows

Clover Meadow 14" rows

Leaf Litter 8.5" rows

Rose and Feather Border 11.5" rows

Top Hat 5" repeat

Button Flowers 5.5" rows

Fly Away 7.5" repeat

Feather Border Collection #1  4", 4.5", 5.25" 

Tropical Breeze 7" rows

Ribbon Rose 10.5" rows

Email 6" rows

Feather Chain (Vertical) 4.5" repeat

Classic Leaf 6.25" rows PLUS 11" block

Hawthorn 8.75" repeat


The Quilt Rack:

Butterflies for Tarah 11"


Lorien Quilting:

English Vine 13.5" interwoven 

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