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Adobe Illustrator to Quilt Path


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I am a long-time Adobe Illustrator user. I would like to design quilting patterns and pantos in Illustrator and export them to something Quilt Path can import. Any pitfalls in the Illustrator phase I should avoid? What file formats do I need to use? Is there intermediary software that I need to convert in between? To start, I'll be using a rented longarm with Quilt Path so I need to maximize what I can do before I'm on-site. Thank you!

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The file types that can be imported into Quilt Path are CMD, CPQ, CSV, DXF, HQF, QLI, TAP, TXT, XY, Qdata.  Never having used Illustrator, I can't speak to that end.  Since the QP software can be installed on a computer that is not attached to a long arm, you might want to check with the person you are renting from about using that since there is usually some cleanup involved when importing from other software.

Also, virtually all QP discussion has moved to Facebook so I wouldn't expect too much feedback here.  Unfortunately, the FB group is limited to owners.  You might try searching for QP pattern vendors and contacting their designers directly.

Good Luck

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