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New owner of Lenni

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I'm a new Lenni owner.  my machine will be here tomorrow, whup whup.  I'm so excited.  I just started quilting this last winter.( Bored with crocheting.) 

And discovered I love it. but I couldn't quilt larger quilts on my sewing machine so I started investigating longarms. Hand quilting is out of the question.

I really liked the Innova but there were lots of reasons it wasn't right for me. The main reason is there is NO life time warranty on their machines.  That's

what sold me on APQS...  But not only that the Lenni has every thing on it that the Innova has for half the price.  I've played with both...  Didn't feel any

differents.  I still have a lot to learn, but really excited to learn, and can't wait to get started.  


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