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So my wife is beginning a quilt project for a dear friend of ours. Her husband recently passed and she wanted a quilt make of the golf course logos, and a few others, on all the golf shirts that he owned. About 36 of them i believe. The plan is to us a 6 inch by 6 inch swatch from the chest area of the shirts. Was looking for some good advice on how to even begin planning this out. We are extremely novice at "quiltspeak" also. 


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What a thoughtful gift from you and your wife!

In addition to on-line information, T-shirt Quilts Made Easy is a great book resource.  I found it to be full of great information, even though I did not really use any of the specific quilt designs in the book.  Nancy's Notions is just one of the on-line sources for this book: or you may find it at your local quilt shop.

Good luck, and be sure to post pictures of your finished project!


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I have made many memory quilts using all type of clothing.  After I cut away the shirt backs, I use a lightweight fusible interfacing to back the area that will be cut into a block. I also use graph paper to map out my design and block placement. I try to distribute dark colors, whites, etc.  And I like to vary the block sizes a bit to add interest and I usually add sashings.  But, whatever you do it will be an amazing keepsake for your friend.  Have the tissues ready! Good luck!

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