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Hi all.

I have a 2006 mili for sale.  I live i n the great town of Spokane Washington. This breaks my heart my baby has to grow upband go to someone else.

She has every thing a 2006 mili would have.  I'm sorry nerver got biss. But i have a computer for her.  It would be had to sell it separately since there was many revisions to the 12 ft. body. Also lights above positios moveabl.  Lots of equipment. Not much the last few years due to illness. 

If your still reading thank you. I'm  not able to tear it down thats the worse of the whole deal.  Since the need is great  negotiations is possible.

Asking: $6000.00 with the computer it's goes to ,$12500.00. I bought her at 1100.00 the computer was 

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Hi Julie, I know this post is a bit old, but I thought I’d reply to it. I’m looking for a used long arm machine for my wife and wanted to know if yours was still available. We’re right next door to you in Coeur d Alene. Please shoot me an email either way if you get a minute.





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