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Are you using the recommended brand and needle size for the thread type? Superior recommends size 18 (a.k.a 4.0) for SoFine #50. Are you using the correct type of needle for your longarm brand. See Superior's chart at: Longarm Needle Reference Guide Select the "Longarm Needle Guide" document. What type of fabric / batting are you working with? If the quilt is thick or heavily pieced, you may want to consider a larger needle, slowing down the machine head, and/or going to a smaller stitch to reduce drag on the needle and thread. Don't hesitate to contact Superior customer service or your longarm brand's customer service, as well.

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Hi Caddyhomes,

Sharon gave you some great advice. 

I read your part about "changing spools" and that might be part of the problem. Spools don't tend to work with evenly feeding off the thread. Cones work much better for the longarm machine. Of course, you can use spools, but it's a little trickier and requires a little more patience and tweaking. I tend to use the cones and never have issues with breaking. 

One thing I would suggest is to change your needle to a 4.0 or even a 4.5. That is a bigger hole and might give you a little more forgiveness with breaking thread. Good luck! 

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I determined the problem. Superior thread is directionally challenged.  Any movement of the needle up and to the left broke the thread.  Once I changed my pattern and stitched only from left to right there was no breakage.  I put a note on the spools of superior giving myself a heads up if I ever use it again.  I may use up those spools  in my serger.

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