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Have I just bought trouble?

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Can someone hold my hand? I am a 1yo quilter. I am learning that I have a lot to learn. I have a Mega Quilter that I use on a frame. Not so hot at stitch control. I just bought a KenQuilt 633. I am hoping someone can indicate where the needle and foot are located. I haven't received it yet. Is it a true long arm or just another HD sewing machine?

Jumped befor looking.


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Deb:  Not really a long arm.  I had a stretched 622.  It was based on Singer 96 industrial machine.  It had a 15 inch throat.  I noticed a while back that the then current 622's were no longer stretched, just 9".  I don't remember what the 633 was.  It wasn't one of KenQuilts real long arms.  KenQuilt went out of business 5 or 6 years ago.  Their "real" longarms were pretty good machines.  I don't understand your question about the location of the needle and foot.  I think they are in the same place you'd expect to find them on almost any other machine.  Jim

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