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I have had my Millie a little over a year.  There are certain features that I wish it had:

1. A basting stitch - instead of me having to manually control basting stitch length

2. A tie off stitch

3. Independently movable front handles : so that I could move one handle out of the way when doing ruler work

4.  I wish the front backing bar was situated vertically below the top bar.  Since I am only 5' 4" this would help me be 4-6 inches closer so that it was easier to do ruler work in more of the stitching field. I have to have my machine on casters since my space is limited.  this adds to the height of the machine and the location of the backing bar puts me just that too far away.


Any features you wish your APQS had?

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Good points, but a couple of hints. You can remove the front take-up roller if you exclusively float your quilts. It won't enlarge your stitching field, which is set by the frame configuration. You won't be able to stitch any closer to you than you do now. But it may mean easier access since you don't have to lean over the roller.  Micro-drive handles are available for APQS machines. They are helpful for  microstitching and control. They attach below the regular handles, which are loosened and pushed up out of the way. The micro-handles can then be used for ruler work and they independently pivot up out of the way, so you can stitch using one handle. They keep your hands very close to the top. The down-side is not ready/easy access to your controls, but in SR mode, it's not an issue. I suppose it's all about what you get used to and how easy a work-around is for perceived issues. I baste in manual with speed slow and head moving so I make 1/4" stitches. Or if I'm basting the sides, SR on and longest stitches.  APQS innovates all the time, so maybe your wish-list will eventually be a reality.

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I don't have a Millie, but almost replaced my machine (a different brand) a couple of years ago.

I totally agree with you about the fully adjustable front handles.  The handles going horizontally across the front of the machine block the view of the quilt when quilting from front to back.  It's the same with the light bar on the machine I own now. I can adjust the height of the table as much as I want; it's still in the way. The handles on the Bernina Q24, A-1 or the Innova are perfect examples of getting the handles out of the way.

If the machine still beeps in regulated mode, there should be a way to turn it off for those who don't like the beeping.

Other than that, I was totally impressed with the Millie - just couldn't justify buying a new machine when mine works fine.  With the new changes, such as moving the dead bar back on the frame, the new lighting, and the changes to the channel locks, I think it's an awesome machine.  I love that there isn't a separate tablet.  And of course, that it's made in the US and has a lifetime warranty. 

Oh, and have your machines at more shows!  I’m going to Quilt Odyssey in Hershey at the end of the month and the Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza in September and wish you were represented there!

Just a few suggestions from an *almost* Millie owner!

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