APQS Ultimate II compatible 10ft tables?

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What inexpensive/used tables are compatible with an Ultimate II?  I just purchased a used Ultimate II w/the wood 12ft table.  Unfortunately, the table is to long for my sewing room.  I am very new to sewing/quilting and am not knowledgeable about these things, so I would appreciate the help!  I really like the the table below, but I don't know the name or price (my husband found it somewhere and showed me).  Thank you!

I like this table, not sure on name or price.jpg

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2 hours ago, RunningThreads said:

I think that is the original Lenni table.  You could call the factory and see if they have a used table the correct length for you.  I’m sure a new table will be cost prohibitive.  Also it shouldn’t be too hard to shorten your table if you know someone mechanically inclined.



Thank you Nigel!

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I made my suggestions on your other posting.  While there are some nice things about the roller assembly/configuration of the Lenni table, I really prefer the original wooden table your Ult 2 came with.  If you search my posts back in '12 '13, and '14 you see photos of the modifications I made to my Ult 2 table.  I think it's much better than the Lenni table.  Jim

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