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APQS 2008 Millennium with Glide 12' Bliss Table $11,000 OBO

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2008 APQS Millennium with Quilt Glide and Thread Cutter (Serial Number A 05272)

Fly Wheel Cover

12’ Bliss Table with Plexiglass and Lexan table tops

Turbo Bobbin Winder

Original Owner’s Manual and DVDs

Roller Brake (purchase price $59.95)

Interchangeable Foot Kit:

     "Clog" foot, "Flip Flop" foot, "Sneaker" foot ($299 purchase price)

¼” hopping foot ($140 purchase price)

Scoop Foot ($65 purchase price)

Micro Handles ($199 purchase price)

Hartley Base Expander, With Thread Cutter ($170 original purchase price)

RulerMate ($149.99 purchase price)

Original owner: The machine was purchased for personal use has been well maintained.  A new hook system has been installed by owner.  The machine is easy to maintain and time.  I recently bought a 2019 Millennium which is a testament to the reliability of this brand of longarm quilting machine.

The machine has been disassembled and can be shipped using a commercial carrier such as ABF.  The approximate cost of shipping is $400-500. Located in NE Ohio


APQS 2008 Millennium and Bliss Table1.jpg

APQS 2008 Millennium Microhandles1.jpg

APQS 2008 Millennium Serial Number1.jpg

APQS Millennium Hartley Extended Base1.jpg

APQS Millennium Interchangable Hopping Feet1.jpg

APQS Millennium Users Manual1.jpg



Turbo Bobbin Winder1.jpg

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I live in North Canton.  Where are you located? The machine has never been sent back to the factory.  I have done all the maintenance on it which is very easy. I have replaced the hook assembly (Due to needle breakage when quilting a particularly difficult project which had iron on interfacing.) and retimed the machine.  APQS has YouTube videos showing how this is accomplished. The APQS staff is excellent in helping to solve any problems one might have.  I have the original shipping box for the machine head which would cost around $100 to replace.  

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On 8/1/2019 at 12:44 PM, Meme said:

Where in Ohio do you live? Has this machine ever been sent to APQS for servicing? Thank You

I live near Syracuse, NY, I could possibly travel to North Canton to pick it up. I am looking to upgrade as I might possibly start my own longarm service. I have a Freedom, which I have used for the past 13 years. It is still in excellent condition, but would like more options now.

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