Magnetic release for compuquilter

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I am wondering if anyone has an idea of how to convert the pieces that attach to the cables to a magnetic release system?   My back has become a bit sore after a day of quilting - bending down and under the frame to release the cable for each new row/bobbin change.  Surely someone has come up with a way to make this easier.   Would love to hear your ideas.   The compuquilter is on my Millie.  Thanks!

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Trudie, I'm not sure why you need a magnetic release system. When I had my CompuQuilter, there was a button on the screen you could set to bring the carriage to you to change the bobbin. When you were finished changing the bobbin, you would hit it again and it would return the carriage to the location where it was when you stopped it. I haven't had my CQ for quite a few years now, but I didn't have to release the cable for each new row/bobbin change. Maybe someone who has used the CQ more recently can chime in here.

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