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I am using dream puff and had it resting for three day and it still has bumps and wrinkles.  You cannot put it in the dryer or steam like my other batting’s. Does anyone know what to do?  Looked on Quilters Dream Site and would call but ,of course it’s a weekend and I need to get this done. 



Betty Ann

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Once I had a huge d cup in my batting. And it was polyester batting too. I made a slit in the cup and trimmed it so the batting edges met. Then used a very light stabilizer pressed over it to close it up. Worked great. I don't know of any other way to fix bulges in the batting and as to wrinkles, pull them out as flat as you can. Once quilted, they won't show. For thick spots in polyester batting, I removed some of the thickest spots by pulling it off and patting it down. 


Jackson, Ga.



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I have done the same as Debbie, that would be the only thing I would suggest to do.  The last couple of time I have ordered a roll of Dream Puff batting, I have had a few more problems with it.  I am not sure I will order any more.  Good Luck


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