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Same size Backing and Top

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6 hours ago, jimerickson said:

Sew scrap strips of fabric to the ends and sides to give yourself enough room to clamp.  I would have had the owner do that before accepting the job.  Jim

Even if you sew scraps of fabric to all four sides, if the quilt top is the same size as the back, it's absolutely impossible to avoid quilting the extra strip's seam line into the quilt while quilting it. Trust me in my 15 years of longarm quilting, it is nearly impossible to accomplish this very difficult and extremely stressful situation. 

I would contact customer and ask her to provide you with larger backing fabric that is at a minimum 8" wider and  8" longer than the quilt top. 

My job is to quilt the customer's quilt without pulling my hair out... it's not my job to perform miracles due to the failure of the customer to provide ample backing fabric. IMHO. 

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Adding one more thing:  I am (by nature) a very accommodating and nice person. Probably too nice sometimes. In dealing with my quilting customers, the word "no" is not a word I use, ever. Very rare situations when I need to tell a customer the word "no" ... and this situation is generally the only time I stand up for myself and say "No! Sorry, my requirement is to have 8" wider and 8" longer than quilt top." Period. End of story. I've almost hurt myself numerous times trying to quilt a quilt with barely enough backing fabric. It's dangerous. I draw the line when it comes to injuring myself because of a customer did not give me enough backing fabric. 

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Oh yeah, I've had this happen more than once LOL!  If your quilt has a border, just quilt the field to the edge of the border then do straight line channel stitching horz and vertical for the border.

If your quilt has blocks all round the edge, quilt the field leaving all the outside blocks free, then do same as above to create a channel border.

I never run my patterns off the quilt as I don't like cut off motifs.  I size my digital patterns to start and end about 1/2" in from the quilt edge.  So worst case scenario, I sew scrap strips to backing using basting stitch and can easily pull the strips away after quilting.

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