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Sheri Butler


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Since i've gone computerized, I will be selling ALL of my CIRCLE LORD EVERYTHING! I will be updating THIS POSTING with the prices, which will be HALF OFF the Regular price!

If anyone is interested in the Circle Lord itself, or any specific boards, shoot me a text at 402-450-8321, or email at

Heres the Start of my list, starting with my long boards: NOTE: The prices do NOT include shipping.

I will be adding my design boards, and my background fill boards here as well. Most of those have the pattern books that go along with the design boards as well.


Circle Lord Basic System $250  (Regular $400) includes: 

The Manual and:

Back Stylus Set
Slide Arm
Center Clamp
Base Plate
12" Circle Sqircle - concentric circles separated by 1/16th inch
Stepping Disk
Set of 4 small Sqircles

I also have the upfront Stylus system and will sell that for $75

Cable $150

SOLD - 7 Treasures of Buddha Queen $150 

12" Egyptian Eye pattern boards King $165

15" Egyptian Eye pattern boars King $165

Gems King $165

SOLD - Swirls King $165

Zig Zag King $165

F55CA928B31BF9D50E35FB71F402EFB1.png Millennium/Circle Lord 402-450-8321 Designer of the 1/2" foot for Ult II's.

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