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Challenging issue quilting DWR with QCT4, Help!!

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I have a new LA running QCT4 which is almost identical to APQS.  I've had Butler for years and know how to place and tweak my digital patterns to fit in the centers and melons as the Butler has tracking crosshairs so you know just where your needle is on the quilt top.  The melons are never perfectly aligned so I could rotate the pattern a scooch when I placed it and it stitched evenly within the melon space.  QCT4 does not have this crosshair feature so there is no way to know exactly where the pattern is stitching without using Trace.  I have tried all of the block placing methods and cannot seem to land on the one that will maintain the pattern size and still align the pattern to fit in a melon with points that may be skewed a couple of degrees off perfect vertical or horizontal.

Is that clear as mud LOL??  Help and advice would be most appreciated!

Sandra G


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