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I am being given an Ultimate I with a 14 ft table.  I have no knowledge of the condition of the machine (other than it looks in excellent shape}.  The husband told me that it had been used very, very little.  It was new when they bought it. I am looking for videos, tutorials etc. that will help me learn about this machine.  Also suggestions for things to look for that might need to be checked over good before setting up.

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Welcome to the forum.  On the APQS main page you will see a support tab and under that you will find service videos.  Many will apply to the Ultimate 1 as well.  One of the most common service items are the thread guides,  they will get a groove worn into them and then start breaking or shredding thread.  Easy to check, grab the thread above and below the guide and drag it in a circle around the inside of the guide.  The thread will catch if the guide is worn.  Then just loosen the guide and turn upside down and retighten until you get new ones.




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