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Safety Pinning Backing to Zippers

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Hi, I bought some honking big curved safety pins to pin my backing to my zippers.  However, when I unrolled it this morning the backing had big pin creases in it.  Questions:

1.  How far apart do you pin them? 

2.  Also, what size safety pin is best?

3.  I pinned the backing with the fabric on top of the zipper tape.  Would it help if I pinned the backing with the zipper tape on top of the backing fabric?  Hope this question makes sense.

Thanks, everyone!

Kathy Baumbusch

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Hi Kathy, I think your concerns about "pin creases" can be eliminated by using smaller pins. If I know I will be unzipping and re-zipping my quilt, I will use the 1" bent safety pins - and pin the backing to the zipper tape. For normal quilting projects, I use straight flower-head pins. Whether the backing fabric raw edge lines up with the edge of the zipper tape or the teeth is a matter of preference and ease of pinning, just get the pins close enough together to reduce / distribute the stress on the fabric.


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